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Let me introduce myself: I am the Man of Mystery (a.k.a. Bedroom Eyes). The mysterious, brooding stranger who sits at the end of the bar. I claim very few fellowships. I am a solitary man, and enigma to most. From the hour of my childhood I have not been as others were, I have not seen as others saw, and everything that I have ever loved I have loved alone.

I will now share my stories with you on these pages. things that I observe and experience in the local Collegeville area: the bar scene, the sluts and the beauties, the word on the streets, the best dirt I can get, and my own amusing escapades as well as those of my cronies. There are some who know me, but most do not, and thatís how Iíd like to keep it. After all, the Man-of-Mystery would no longer be so alluring if he lost his shroud of anonymity.

Until next week, itís a mystery to me.





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