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Adelaide clears the friggin' air on this topic.

A reader Asks: I was told by the owners of the Collegeville Inn that Adelaide Kokoutchka is really Bob, the owner of If so, why? If not set me straight. 

Adelaide Responds:

Dear Curious:

Have you not yet learned who you can trust at your place of employment? I assure you that Ms. Adelaide is absolutely NOT that dickhead that runs the site. He is simply Ms. Adelaide's employer...and I think we all know what it's like to have an ass as an employer.

Ms. Adelaide, I assure you, is all woman. I am just a local beauty who has, on occasion, come in contact with your much-revered management. Did I work there?...I shall not say. Have I eaten there?...Unfortunately. Have I hob-nobbed with the Rich and Famous?...Absolutely!

I know that in the past, the owners have threatened to "expose my identity for all to see." That, to date, has not occurred. . It may be a very embarrassing situation for them to do so...Especially if they think that I am the webmaster.

That being said, please inform the owners of the Collegeville Inn that Ms. Kokoutchka considers it a slanderous comment to be compared to the WebMaster General. Any future slanderous remarks and/or blatant uneducated lies made by the owners of the Collegeville Inn in regard to Ms. Kokoutchka may be addressed directly to my lawyer, who is referenced on a previous Adelaide commentary.

Thank you for your interest in bringing this matter to clarity.


Ms. Adelaide Kokoutchka





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